divendres, 18 de maig de 2018


On Wednesday, 16th, Year 3 and Year 4 went to Círcol Catòlic to watch a play called "BILLY BANJO".

Billy is a cowboy and lives with Kate, his wife. He likes to play his banjo but he doesn't like to work. Kate is very angry!!! She tells him not to return until he has ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Billy needs to work hard...

Children and teachers helped him a lot and we had a very good time! The play was very funny!

Do you want to see some pictures? Here you are!

divendres, 2 de març de 2018

Goldilocks show

P4 and P5 students saw a theatre about Goldilocks and three bears. They were very good and we liked it a lot.

dilluns, 19 de febrer de 2018


In Year 4 we're learning the poem "Oliver Twist, can you do this?".

Do you want to see our work?

divendres, 16 de febrer de 2018

Goldilocks and three bears

This week, P4 and P5 students are working on the story Goldilocks.
Next Friday we will see the theatre at school.

dijous, 8 de febrer de 2018


Hello, Year 4, 5 and 6!

We need to start preparing our song for the Spring Concert! The Concert will take place on 2nd March at 'Teatre Blas Infante'.

This year, we'll sing Queen's song "We are the champions", The Beatles' song "Hey Jude" and Michael Jackson's song "Beat it"

If you need help, click on the link.

dijous, 1 de febrer de 2018


The students of year 5 improve their communication skills in English through the use of role-play. Look at the pictures!!