divendres, 22 d’abril del 2016


Students of Year 4, if you want to practice your dialogue "At the Shop", you can listen to Billy Banjo going to the shop. He needs a tin of white paint, remember?
Listen as many times as you need and pay attention to the pronuntiation.
Good luck with your dialogues! We'll have lots of fun!!!


dijous, 14 d’abril del 2016


On April 11th, Year 3 and 4 went to Círcol Catòlic and watched a play called "Billy Banjo". Billy is a cowboy. He likes to play his banjo ......but he doesn't like to work hard!!!!
The play was really fun and we enjoyed it a lot! Some children helped Billy. Even the teachers helped  Billy!!!! 
Here you can see us in the play:

And here you can read some of our opinions and drawings:   

And children from Year 3 prepared some posters. Do you want to see them? They're really nice!