dimecres, 30 de novembre del 2016


Hello, Year 4 students!

Remember? "You better watch out!"
Christmas concert is just around the corner and we have to prepare our English song: "Santa Claus is coming to town"

So....let's do it!

dijous, 10 de novembre del 2016


In the speaking corner class, the year 6 students practised a dialogue. They asked and answered some questions about each other. The objective of this activity is to learn how to use questions that they can apply to real situations, for example to get to know some new friends from different countries. Thanks to the voice recordings, the students can listen to their mistakes and correct them.

Alejandro and Marc 6èA

Nerea G And Sandra E. 6èA

Joel and Marc 6èA

Ivan and Alex 6èA

Franco and Eduard 6èA

Blanca and Miriam 6èA

Paula and Nerea M. 6èA

Blanca and Adam 6èA

Avril and Neus 6èA

Xavi and Pau 6èA

Oscar and Judith 6èA

Noa and Sandra G. 6è A

Mireya and Lucia 6èA

Yanira and Nicole 6èB

Yaiza and Anabel 6èB

Roger and Ivan 6èB

Lucia P. and Anna 6èB

Laia and Hasna 6èB

Laia and Tania 6èB

Iker and Sergi 6èB

Edgar and Jastin 6èB

Claudia and Raquel 6èB

Ayman and Jose 6èB

Óscar G. and Alex 6èB

Víctor and Ismael 6èB

dimecres, 9 de novembre del 2016


Els nens i nenes de primer aprenen les parts del cos en anglès a través d'aquesta divertida cançó.