dilluns, 21 de març del 2022


 On Friday, 18th March wacht the play "THE JUNGLE" in the school gym.

We saw some wild animals: lion, hippo, snake, monkey, elephant,... 

and we listened stories, sang anb danced a lot.

We had a great time!!!

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 On Friday, 11th March Year 3 and Year 4 went to Círcol Catòlic to wacht the play "TARZAN".

Tarzan lives in the jungle with his friends, the animals. He is very happy. But one day....... he meets Jane, a photographer.

Tarzan likes Jane and Jane likes Tarzan. But Jane doesn't like Tarzan's smell!!!

Tarzan needs help from his animal friends.

Children and teachers had a great time! The play was very funny!!!

Do you want to see some pictures? Here you are.