dimecres, 7 de desembre del 2022

Exchange English letters 5th grade

Dear families,

this year our students from 5th level exchanged Christmas cards and letters with students from a U.K. school near the city of Birmingham.

In these letters we explained them lots of things about us: where are we from, how we look like, our hobbies... and all in English with a paragraph in Spanish because they are leaning Spanish.

We are very excited to do this activity because now our students have a new friend "a penpal friend" and it is a good way to practice writing and reading in English.

Here you can see some photographs and our Christmas card where we explain our Catalan tradition "tió" de Nadal.

            We look forward to receiving their letters


 Hello, children!

These days we're preparing our Christmas events and we're learning new songs, vocabulary and traditions.

Our English classroom is ready!

If you want to sing the songs and practise them here you have the videos with the lyrics. Have fun!


                     MERRY CHRISTMAS!