divendres, 21 d’abril de 2023


This school year, during the “Jornades Culturals”, we celebrated  Sant Jordi, the Saint Patron of both Catalonia and England!

During these days, we DID lots of different fun and amazing activities so we learned a lot about the legend and the tradition.

Students from Cicle Inicial went to the theatre to see the play “Georgina and the dragon”. It was an incredible way to learn English and see an original version of the legend. 

Cicle Mitjà did collaborative activities around the Saint George legend. In groups, they played games like “Memory”, “Running dictation”, “How to be a writer” and other enjoyable games. 

Finally, our students from Cicle Superior did a reading comprehension activity. They were given the legend of Saint George divided into different pieces of colored paper and they had to rearrange them and build the story. 

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